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The Old Testament for the 21st Century: A Concise Guide
by R. Kelvin Moore

Written for classroom and church, this book provides rationales as why individuals should attempt to understand and explain the Old Testament. The work provides a concise, readable and understandable historical overview of the Old Testament world. For each book of the Old Testament, the author provides introductory materials under the titles of "What This Book Is About," "Name," "Authorship," "Date," "Historical Background" and "Major Themes and Theological Emphases." The author provides an outline for each book. The outlines can be reproduced for lecture use. Dr. Moore provides "Applications" to assist readers in transiting from the Old Testament world to the twenty-first century. The "Applications" can be used as devotions as well as sermon starters. Some of the outlines and applications can be found at www.otfor21century.com.

Product Details: Paperback, 309 pages
ISBN Number: 978-0-914520-63-4
Price: $25.00

Thinking About God
by Fisher Humphreys

This is a much enlarged and revised edition of a book first published in 1974 and revised in 1994. It has been widely used as a study book in churches and as a textbook in college and seminary classes. The author is Professor of Divinity, Emeritus, of Samford University. The following excerpt is from the first chapter:

The word "theology" is used in several different ways today, and it is a waste of time to argue about how it ought to be used. What I can do is to tell you how I intend to use it. I use it to mean thinking about God. When we are thinking about God, we are doing theology.

All Christians think about God. This means that all Christians have a theology; they all have some ideas about God. This is a good thing because, just as war is too important to be left to the generals, so theology is too important to be left to the academic theologians. We all are entitled to think about God, even if we are amateurs. Of course, just as civilian leaders are wise to consult the generals about war, so all of us are wise to consult the academic theologians about theology.

Product Details: Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN Number: 978-0-914520-65-8
Price: $24.00

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